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Bath Product

The concept for TLC Bath Products began with our accomodation. Tulluc Cottages aims to showcase the best of the Riverina by providing you with quality local products to use during your stay. 

The TLC bath range meets this need with hand crafted soaps and bath milks made locally, with ingredients sourced locally wherever possible. The base for all TLC soaps is Dissenga olive oil, and many of the additives such as lemongrass, are home grown on the Tulluc Farm in Benerembah.

TLC Bath Products reflect the beauty of the Riverina with earthy colours and natural scents. The bath milk draws inspiration from the local citrus growers with mandarin essential oil, which is mild and soothing on even the most sensitive of skins. 

Free samples are available during your stay at Tulluc or purchase online using the contact form.

TLC Soap Range





Lemongrass Soap

Fresh and Lemony.







Cappucino Kitchen Soap

Made with Expresso coffee and coffee grinds to give your skin a little caffeine lift. Coffee grinds remove the smell of onion, garlic and fish from your hand. Perfect for the kitchen.






Fishermans Soap

Apparently fish love the smell of anise. This soap is perfect for washing the sent of sun block off your hands ready to bait your hook.







French Green Clay and Tea Tree Soap

A mild soap that's great for acne prone skin.







Goats Milk and Oat Soap

Goat milk and oat soap with a hint of lavander, perfect for all skin types.








Soap on a rope

A modern take on: "Soap on a rope"





TLC Bath Milk Range




Bath Milk Small

Enjoy a soak with TLC lavender, mandarin and chamomile bath milk.








Bath Milk Large







Soap: $ 4.50

Soap on a rope: $ 8

Small Bath Milk: $ 6

Medium Bath Milk: $ 12

Large Bath Milk: $18